Presentation Information

The poster session will be taken place in TERRSA Hall from Monday (July 14) 17:00 to Thursday (July 17) 18:00. All posters should be set up on Monday (July14) 15:30 – 17:00. Size of poster board is 90 cm width and 210 cm high. Please put up your poster on the poster board with your poster number (ID) provided in an abstract book. Poster number (ID) will be marked on each poster board. Materials to put up your poster (thumbtack, drawing pin) will be provided at each poster board.
Presenters of posters with odd numbers should attend the poster session –explaining own poster to audience- on Monday (July14) and those with even numbers on Wednesday (July16) 17:00 – 18:30 to exchange with audience. During the time, poster presenters will receive a certificate of your attendance of ICA14. All posters should be removed by Thursday (July17) 20:00. After Thursday (July17) 20:00, all posters left in the hall will be disposed.

All speakers including both at a symposium and general sessions should leave your presentation file at the lobby of TERRSSA Hall (at the 2nd floor) at least 3 hours prior to your symposium/session begins. Bring your presentation file using USB flash drives, CD-R or DVD-R. Only PowerPoint files (.ppt or .pptx) are accepted. Own computers are not accepted. We prepare laptop PCs for presentation; Windows 7 English version in which Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 are both installed.

General oral session
Poster session