#1-07: Soil acarine biological control

Organizer: Chuleui Jung


scope : Biological control potential of acarine or other pests using microbial, parasitiod or predatory natural enemy in soil system including orchards and vegetables.

Tentative list of participants

  • Prischmann, D. (North Dakota U. USA) Soil mites as predators of immature corn rootworms
  • Saito M, Takaku G. (Hokkaido Res. Org. Japan) Predatory mite fauna of spinach fields and their predatory ability
  • Keum, ES (Andong National U. Korea) Potential of biological control of bulb mite, Rhizoglyphus robini using predatory mites in garlic field
  • Jung, C. (Andong N. U. Korea) Soil gamasid mites as a potential biological control agent in soil agroecosystem
  • Woo, SD. (Chungbuk N. U. Korea) Selection and application of microbial biocontrol agent on bulb mites
  • Kim, HH. (NIH, Korea) Multiplication of biocontrol agents to control the soil insect pests in horticulture

July 14 (MONDAY) ROOM 2