#2-02: Acari-borne cutaneous allergy in Japan

Organizer: Masaru Natsuaki

Masaru Natsuaki

Many of ticks and mites play important roles in not only infectious diseases as a vector but also cutaneous allergic reactions. There are two types of allergic reactions in association with tick or mite infestations. One is an immediate reaction such as urticaria, edema and anaphylactic shock. The other is a delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction such as dermatitis. In this symposium, some speakers report allergic cases such as a cutaneous rash and an anaphylactic reaction caused by tick bites and others present anaphylactic reactions, itchy eruptions and a model mouse of atopic dermatitis induced by mite allergen. From these presentations, we will find a side view of Acari-associated diseases.