#1-06: Prospects for control of Red Palm Mite ten years after its invasion to the Neotropics

Organizers: Daniel Carrillo, Jorge E. Peña

In 2004, Raoiella indica (Acari: Tenuipalpidea) was reported for the first time in the New World. This species has spread throughout the Neotropics and has gained economic importance, especially because of the damage it inflicts on coconut palms (Cocos nucifera), other palm species (Areca catechu, Phoenix dactylifera), and bananas, all important sources of nutrition and income for people inhabiting the tropical world. Researchers around the world have made extensive efforts to understand the biology and systematics of this mite, and identify management tactics to mitigate the damage caused by this biological invasion. This symposium will gather presentations to provide an updated view of the situation of Raoiella indica around the world, and of the recent and ongoing work towards management of this mite (i.e. host plant range, taxonomy, phylogeny, morphology, dispersion and sampling techniques, population dynamics, classical biological control, natural enemies and chemical control). Identifying knowledge gaps, coordinating efforts and promoting cooperation between researches will be the focus of this symposium.