#1-03: False spider mites and their impact to global agriculture and trade

Organizers: Jose Carlos V. Rodrigues, Jorge E. Peña


The phytophagous mite family Tenuipalpidae comprises ca. 35 genera and 1000+ species. Brevipalpus, Raoiella and Tenuipalpus are recognized as the genera that harbor species causing economic damage to a variety of crops. Knowledge of the biology, ecology and importance of these mites has expanded during the last decade. Currently, Brevipalpus species surpass all other groups of phytophagous mites as vectors of plant viruses to agricultural and ornamental plant species. The economic importance of the genus Brevipalpus continues to grow worldwide and knowledge of their interaction with different plant species, i.e., citrus, tea, coffee, grapes is increasing. The recent invasion of Raoiella to the new world and the associated high damage to coconut palm and banana plantations and natural landscapes is another example of this groups impact. The objective of the symposium will be to provide update information on tenuipalpid’s genetics, plant host-virus interactionship, natural enemies, quarantine species regulation and control strategies.