#1-02: A genomics view of plant mites

Organizer: Maria NAVAJAS, Thomas Van LEEUWEN


As for many other organisms, genomics is increasingly invading the field of Acarology. The first whole genome of a plant mite, Tetranychus urticae, became recently available (Nature, 2011). More Acari species are expected to progressively beneficiate of genomic approaches in the coming years. These new resources will undeniable have a tremendous impact in the way acarologist will address biological questions. In the field of agricultural acarology, genomics should create a valuable database to the study of pesticide resistance, host-mite interactions, adaptation. This symposium will gather presentations to give an updated overview of recent and also ongoing work in the field of plant mite genomics. The resources created, the questions and challenges raised will be the focus of this symposium.